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Apr 30, 2020

None of us are immune from stress, especially now. This is a critical moment for us to look out not only for our own mental health but that of our colleagues. In this episode, Dr. Melissa Shepard sits down with Primary Care RAP host Dr. Neda Frayha for some real talk on the mental health challenges facing health care...

Apr 22, 2020

A critical care crash course with Mizuho Morrison and Scott Weingart.

We discuss:

  • Big picture and escalation of care
  • Step by step approach to respiratory support for the 'happy hypoxemic'
  • COVID intubation
  • Ventilator settings and troubleshooting
  • Society of Critical Care guidelines
  • IV Fluids, vasopressors, steroids,...

Apr 17, 2020

Jason Brooks, PhD is a performance coach who works with physicians, athletes, and the military, helping them develop the cognitive skills not only to operate at the highest level, but to thrive no matter what the task. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jason has been working with frontline clinicians, helping and...

Apr 13, 2020

Hematologist Tom Deloughery gives a primer on COVID-19 cytokine storm, d-dimer, DIC that leans toward thrombus, why some clots break through heparin, utility of low molecular weight heparin, and using TPA for ARDS (don’t get too excited on that one quite yet).


We discuss:

  • Great advice from Loren Rauch: we should...

Apr 9, 2020

ED-intensivist Scott Weingart has developed several protocols for airway management in COVID-19 patients, but each of those answers brings up more questions. In this episode: ‘happy hypoxemia’, the 4 types of COVID patients, Covid L vs H, is there a role for ECMO in severe disease, why intubation should be a last...