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Welcome to ERCast, a focused discussion on the questions, quagmires and known unknowns we face everyday in the emergency department.

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Mar 28, 2020

Triage and treatment tents have become ubiquitous in the current pandemic, improving throughput and keeping infectious but relatively well patients outside of the hospital. In this episode, emergency physician Josh Bucher, assistant professor at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, breaks down how his team has set up...

Mar 25, 2020

In this episode I speak with Dr. Reuben Strayer, emergency physician at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. The news is rife with reports of New York’s escalating COVID-19 cases and there are lessons we can learn from how they are responding. 

Discussion includes

  • Managing a massive surge (which is only...

Mar 21, 2020

Kirkland, Washington was the first U.S. city with reports of a large-scale COVID-19 outbreak. In this special edition of ERcast, Dr. Patrick Reinfried, an emergency physician practicing at Kirkland’s Evergreen Hospital, gives a first hand account of what happened in his community, how his hospital has responded, and...

Mar 19, 2020

COVID-19:  Troponin, Abx, Chloroquine, X-rays, Rationing Tests, Public Health Responsibilities

Rob Orman MD and Rick Pescatore DO


In this episode I speak with Dr. Rick Pescatore, Chief Physician for Preparedness for the state of Delaware and a front-line emergency physician.  While the general topic is the COVID-19...

Mar 18, 2020

In today's episode, emergency physicians Amy Cho and Jason Adler break down novel ways to limit use of PPE while at the same time minimizing contact with potentially infected patients. We also talk about how government regulations have obstructed our ability to provide intelligent care but now those regulations are...