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Dec 4, 2012

Kenji Inaba is one of the most published trauma surgeons on the planet. When it comes to trauma, he has more pearls than an oyster bed. We caught up with him at the Essentials of Emergency Medicine conference in Las Vegas.

Kenji’s Trauma Pearls


If a hemodynamically stable trauma patient has pericardial fluid on...

Oct 27, 2012

Is it safe to cardiovert a hemodynamically stable patient with recent onset atrial fibrillation? The evidence says yes, but not everyone is a believer...

I've talked quite a bit about atrial fibrillation on ERCast, and the topic that generates the most emails, by a wide margin, is cardioverting the hemodynamically...

Oct 2, 2012

There is no perfect way to rule out pulmonary embolism. But what if we could change the game and move the d-dimer cutoff higher in the low risk patient? From 500 ng/ML to 1000ng/mL. You’d think that the specificity of the test would improve - fewer false positives. But what would we sacrifice in sensitivity? Would we...

Aug 31, 2012

Emergency cardiology master  Dr. Amal Mattu  gives the low down on ST elevation, T-wave inversion and bizarre, wide-complex tachycardia.

Basic Rules of ST elevation

1.        No matter how good the rules, nothing is 100% certain

2.       15-20% of STEMI cases sent to the cath lab will have clean coronaries

3.      ...

Jul 26, 2012

In this episode...

  • Scott Weingart joins ERcast to give his take on 3 factor PCC and FEIBA.
  • A new technique for reducing mandibular dislocations.
  • Call for videos- Roberts and Hedges Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine
  • The ERCast rant off is just around the corner. Send us a 90 sec (or less) MP3 of your wisdom or...