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Apr 24, 2018

Zubin Damania (ZDoggMD) is an internist and founder of Turntable Health, an innovative healthcare startup that was part of an urban revitalization movement in Las Vegas. During a decade-long hospitalist career at Stanford, he experienced our dysfunctional health care system firsthand leading to burnout and depression. He created videos under the pseudonym ZDoggMD as an outlet to find his voice. This launched a grassroots movement — half a billion youtube views and a passionate tribe dedicated to improving health care for everyone.


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In this interview we cover a wide range of topics including

  • Underwear
  • How ZDogg went from hospitalist to rapper to Medicine 3.0evanaglist
  • Meditation
  • The Mind Illuminated
  • The roots of anxiety
  • Mental preparation before giving a talk
  • ZDogg's response to criticism, antipathy, and negative feedback from the anti-vaccine movement
  • Nurse practitioners


A Smattering of Performance Improvement, Stress Management, and Wellness Episodes


Full Video Interview Below


My Favorite Zdogg Song