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Nov 23, 2017

Every year on Thanksgiving I call up a few friends, usually different people each year, and tell them I am thankful for their friendship. Why do I do this? Is it for them, for them to get a warm glow of being appreciated? Not really, but that’s a nice extra effect. The goal of it is for me, to act as a reminder of the amazing things we get to experience in life, friendship being one of if not the greatest.

This is just one small thing on one day of the year. But what if you did something like this, just in your own head, every day?

The Study: A qualitative analysis of the Three Good Things intervention in healthcare workers. Full text link

The Intervention: Daily email reminders asking NICU staff to reflect on: what are the three things that went well today and what was your role in bringing them about.

The Results: There were three main themes in the answers

  • Having a good day at work 
  • Having supportive relationships
  • Making meaningful use of self-determined time


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