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Mar 8, 2013

The gloves are off and the vitriol is bubbling hot. This is the episode where you get the mic and tell the world what really gets your goat.

Rant off 2013 players

Gerry O'Malley is no fan of patient satisfaction surveys

Ken Grauer say we shouldn't throw away the atropine for some cases of asystole

Graham Walker is hot under the collar about medical workups for psych patients

Matt Dawson and Mike Mallin think we should hold the narcotics and  and place femoral nerve block patients with hip fractures

Michelle Lin gives a pearl on keeping central line guidewires going in the right direction

Rob Bryant tells us how to throw the guidewire away

Graeme Pickford gives advice to would-be locums physicians  traveling to Australia

Seth Trueger Emergency physician and Health Policy fellow in Washington, DC

Gabe Rose is not a fan of pelvic exams

Andy Sloas rants about, well, I'm not really sure, but he seems quite upset

Jim Miller from Montana thinks we make much ado about nothing when it comes to fecal disimpaction


Rob Bryant's Brass Knuckles Technique for Guidewire Disposal