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Welcome to ERCast, a focused discussion on the questions, quagmires and known unknowns we face everyday in the emergency department.

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Apr 3, 2018

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If you’re new to the show, let me tell you what it's all about. I am a community emergency doc and have been at the job for about 20 years. In that time, I've found that the expectations placed on us are ridiculous: the stress, patient load, you need to be a master resuscitationist, social worker, data enterer, proceduralist. Insanity!


But the other side of that coin is that getting to practice emergency medicine is an extraordinary privilege - the things we do, the things we see, the amount of stuff we know. Think about how differently you see the world relative to anyone else you know.


My goal with this this show is to make education that is truly meaningful to those of us in the front line of medicine. There are three areas of focus on ERcast

  • Relieve anxiety and uncertainty when working a shift
  • Explore how to take the best possible care of patients. How is that done on this show? Monologues, deep dives, interviews with experts sometimes in EM, sometimes other specialties, teasing out the unique knowledge they have that can help us. Distilling complex ideas into useable nuggets.
  • How to take care of yourself. For example: finding the joy in your career, performance coach jason brooks, sessions the Happy MD Dike Drummond


These three principles aren’t going to change, but I’ve taken this show about as far as I can on my own, and now I want to make it better. More content, more consistent production, better user interface, CME (continuing medical education) credits. So how do I do that? I asked Aaron Bright, the CEO of Hippo education, if they would partner with me so that I could tap into their resources and make this show pro level. I’ve been working with Hippo for several years as the host of Essentials of Emergency Medicine, LLSA review, I even ran their primary care podcast for a while (true story!). So it’s not like this is a group of strangers, these are my friends. For example, Tom Wolfson, producer for all of the Hippo projects, drove from Los Angeles to my house in Bend Oregon, 14 hours last summer to watch the full solar eclipse. That's the kind of connection we’re talking about. That’s why I wanted to partner with Hippo: great people, tremendous integrity and, from the end user perspective, I think they deliver more educational value for your time investment than anyone else.


What's the plan?

Regular Release Schedule

  • 1 episode per week on each Sunday, plus one Thursday per month
  • About 15-30 minutes per episode
  • One week per month, I’ll be breaking down a talk from the Hippo vault, usually an Essentials of Emergency Medicine lecture. On the Thursday of that week will be what you might call soft science, the human side of medicine, or maybe just 'practice tips'.
  • May’s lineup.
    • Week 1 Tom Deloughery on managing the massive GI bleed patient who is on anticoagulation
    • Week 2 Essentials of EM lecture with Scott Weingart on extubating patients in the ED
    • Week 2 Thursday, Scribes in the ED. Are they worth it? How do you best use a scribe (and be a scribe)?
    • Week 3 What is the value of a delta troponin?
    • Week 4 Neonatal intubation masterclass
    • Week 5 Contrast associated nephropathy



  • A killer App for easier listening
  • Web designers to make this look like an actual pro operation
  • I’ve been running ERcast on Wordpress from the beginning, and it’s OK, but wait till you see the new site
  • Hippo’s support team. Up to now, your support team has been... me.  Suboptimal. Now, it will be optimal.



  •  27 hours per year category one AMA credit. That covers just about everyone’s needs
  • No hoops to jump through, no CME quiz, just click a button to claim the CME, boom. Done. CME claimed


The Meat and Potatoes

There will always be free ERcast content.  Once a month, like it’s been for the past many years. You’ve probably noticed that for the past several  months I’ve been putting out a weekly show and that was the dry run for this project. I needed to answer the question, "Could I do a weekly show?" Yeah, it’s awesome! Interviews, editing, voice over, writing, researching, planning, love it! But it is also a full time job to continue for the long term and do at a high level, so I’m going to change how the show is delivered.


  • On May 1, the site will change so that there is a login, username and password to enter. But if you’re listening to/reading this, I want to make sure that is a seamless process and we stay connected.
  • All you have to do is enter your email on the ERcast site, either from the site popup or the navigation bar where it says “Sign Up
  • After you sign up, you’ll get an email sometime this month, April 2018, with instructions on how to log in to the new site when the transition happens May 1.

And when we go to the new site, if you’ve signed up before May 1, you get

  • 12 months of free weekly audio podcasts
  • 12 months of free CME
  • Full archives of all past ERcast episodes

Why am I saying free? Because on May 1, that subscription goes from free to paid  ($19/month when you pay annually). Don’t procrastinate, please!


What happens after a year of free-ness? You keep all the CME you earned in the first year as well as the episode archives, and, if you dig the show and want more than 1 episode a month,  you can extend your subscription for the price of 3 vanilla lattes per month.


This is a change in how the show has been delivered... for a long time, and change is always a bit disorienting. My goal with this is to make it totally easy and show gratitude to you, the ERcast listener. Check out the new setup, release schedule, content for a year, no stress, no fuss no muss.  The goal here is to make excellent medical education- to the point, respectful of time, and curated to address the real questions we face every day. 


Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash