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Jan 5, 2011

We take an in depth look at what it's like to work in academia and the private community hospital. The medicine is the same but the day to day of your job is quite different. Scott Weingart from emcrit and Rob Rogers from emrap educators podcast join ercast for the session.

Also, ten axioms to get a good start on your life as a community ED doc. 

almost ten years ago

First of all, did you know there was a podcast called E(vangelical)R(eform)podcast?? LOL!
I work at a major medical institution on the West Coast. It is classified as one of the finest hospitals in the country. They are revamping their promotion requirements to reflect what is required of the MDs. They no longer want to count our clinical expertise in our field of practice. They are requiring us to publish, do original research as well as belong to numerous committees AND work our shifts. I see it as a way to a fast burnout. I can feel your pain from here. Thank you for a great podcast. My nursing expertise is in ICU..the place you shovel your sick patients off to as soon as expediently possible! :)